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Water Heaters

The average life of a water heater in Oklahoma is 9-12 years. Some may last longer, while others will fail...

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Drain Cleaning

Drain blockages take place over time because,dirt,grease,hair and other debris gradually collect and block the...

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Plumbing Services

We Offer Full Plumbing Service and Repair in Oklahoma City!

We repair or replace:


Toilets can have a variety of issues from running constantly to sticky flappers and broken handles. Wax seals can also leak causing damage to flooring and sub floor. If you notice discoloration or water around your Toilet these are signs of a leak. If you are having toilet Issues in Oklahoma City call our experienced Plumbers to help you out! We also Install New toilets if you are looking to upgrade or need a ADA height toilet.


Faucets can have a variety of issues from drips and handle leaks to spray head and pop-up assembly problems.If you are noticing and running or dripping faucets these are costing you money! Let our Licensed Oklahoma City Plumbers repair your kitchen, lavatory, tub and shower faucet or outside(hose bibb) faucets today! We also install New Faucets if you are looking to upgrade or just replace a worn out faucet!


Is your Disposal not working ,leaking or Jammed? We replace and un-jamm Disposals in Oklahoma City. From 1/3 HP to full 1 HP Disposals we can take care of that for you today! Our Professional Oklahoma City plumbers are ready to assist you!

Water & Drain Piping:

Are you having Water pipe or drain pipe leaks? We repair or replace leaking or broken Water and Drain Pipes in Oklahoma City! From frozen,busted pipes to corrosion and hard water problems we can repair those lines and save you the headache of additional problems that will arise from not taking care of these problems in a timely manner!

Water Treatment:

Do you have Hard water in Oklahoma City? Impurities in your water can lead to hard water damage to Faucets and Piping. Hard Water also causes Water Heaters to Fill up with Calcium Deposits and reduces the amount of hot water available! We offer Complete Water Treatment Systems and Softeners as well as new Green Aqua Rex Water Conditioners! Dont let Hard Water ruin your faucets and piping Call us today and let our Knowledgeable Oklahoma City Plumbers help you with Hard Water Solutions!

Natural Gas:

Having Gas odors or Leaks in Oklahoma City? Need a New Gas line Ran for a range or Cooktop or Gas Dryer? We Repair Leaks on Natural Gas lines as well as Pull GAS METER RESET Permits and Inspections! We also move gas Lines for Swimming pools and Hook up Gas Pool Heaters! If you have Natural Gas leaks or Need Natural Gas piping in Oklahoma City call our Licensed Oklahoma City Plumbers Today!

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